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WELCOME TO [insert_name_here]!

Welcome to the show! On the days we don't play INH, White_Wolf (the IT producer) is running his show through the stream! Though, the days we are on, you will most likely hear 2 idiots and one mic blabbering at how trashy America has become, the lulz of life, and nonessential stuff like that. White_Wolf - The IT producer behind the show. He runs the servers for us and makes sure everything runs perfectly. He gets Hugs. Dommer - The host of the show. Mainly argues at nothing and has no way of winning most of the time. Slick - The co host who will almost NEVER show. Though when he does, expect a pile of dumbassery to occurr. Now that you know who we are, select a type of stream and listen!

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Here is the chat you can either use that or point your client to Xertion IRC at and join #blupawradio or click here

And here is the player if it doesn't work join the chat and pm the shit out of White_Wolf

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